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Command line client

Volumio has a command line client which can be invoked with the command


By invoking it, you'll see the help output with a list of the available commands:

Usage : volumio <argument1> <argument2>


status Gives Playback status information
volume Gives Current Volume Information
volume <desired volume> Sets Volume at desired level 0-100
volume mute Mutes
volume unmute Unmutes
volume toggle Mutes/Unmutes
volume plus Increases Volume of one step
volume minus Decreases Volume of one step
seek plus Forwards 10 seconds in the song
seek minus Backwards 10 seconds in the song
seek <seconds> Plays song from selected time
repeat Toggles repetition of queue
random Toggles randomization of queue


toggle Toggles between play/pause


vstart Starts Volumio Service
vstop Stops Volumio Service
vrestart Restarts Volumio Service


pull Pulls latest github status on master from
pull -b <branch> Pulls branch <branch> from
pull -b <branch> -r <repository> Pulls branch <branch> from git repository <repository>
dev Start Volumio in development mode, with Nodemon and Remote Debugger
kernelsource Gets Current Kernel source (Raspberry PI only)
plugin init Creates a new plugin
plugin refresh updates plugin in the system
plugin package compresses the plugin
plugin submit submits the plugin to the plugins store
plugin install installs the plugin locally
plugin update updates the plugin
logdump <description> dump logs to /var/tmp/logondemand instead of uploading
init-edit <initramfs filename> unpacks the initramfs, feeds nano with the init script and upon nano exit, rebuilds initramfs

updater forceupdate Updates to latest version
updater factory Restores factory version and wipes all user data
updater userdata Wipes all user data
updater testmode Enables or disables Test mode, allowing to receive beta builds
updater cleanupdate Updates to latest version and cleans user data, allowing a start like a newly flashed image
updater restorevolumio Delete all manually edited files from /volumio folder, restoring a pristine volumio core system

internet Enables or disbles internet access, accepted commands: on | off
endpointstest Check availability of remote ancillary cloud endpoints

Command Line Client Development

The command line client is located at


While some dynamic commands (like volume controls) are located at