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Contribute to this Documentation

Everyone knows how tedious it is to write documentation. But it is extremely important for every project, especially for Volumio. So if you find something incomplete, missing or wrong feel free to edit this doc and improve it.

If you don't feel like editing this doc yourself, you can at least tell us what you would change here!

How this doc works

This DOC is powered by Docusaurus and the source is hosted on Github. To edit it, simply clone it, edit the pages located under /docs and issue a pull request. You can do so either via command line or with a graphical tool, I personally suggest GitKraken.

Setting up environment

Clone it:

git clone

Install dependencies:

Install Node.js

Node.js version 14.0.0 is needed. A good tool to use to install the appropriate node version is NVM

nvm install 14.0.0
nvm use 14.0.0

Install prerequisites (only once):

cd volumio-developers-docs
npm install

Edit the documentation

Launch the documentation locally:

npx docusaurus start

Open http://localhost:3000 to view the documentation as you work on it.

Edit it

Commit your contribution

git commit -m "Hey I changed this and that"

Send a pull request, so Volumio Team will evaluate your contribution.

Once your PR gets accepted, in 2 minutes your contribution will be available to the whole community.