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Toast Messages

Toast messages can be a good way to signal events to users. Make sure to use them ONLY if absolutely necessary, as they might overload the user with unnecessary information.

Examples of appropriate use of Toast Messages are:

  • When settings are saved successfully (or not, using error)
  • Successful log-in or logout
  • Change applied successfully (or not, using error)

Enable Toast Messages

For easier usage make sure you assign the coreCommand instance in the consturctor of your plugin:

module.exports = ExamplePlugin;
function ExamplePlugin(context) {
var self = this;
self.context = context;
self.commandRouter = this.context.coreCommand;

Create Toast Message

At any place in your code you can then call the commandRouter.pushToastMessage method to show a toast messages to the user:

self.commandRouter.pushToastMessage('success', "Account Login", "Login was successful");

There are four kinds of toast messages: info, success, warning and error:

self.commandRouter.pushToastMessage('info', "Account Login", "Login pending....");
self.commandRouter.pushToastMessage('success', "Account Login", "Login was successful");
self.commandRouter.pushToastMessage('warning', "Account Login", "Login not possible");
self.commandRouter.pushToastMessage('error', "Account Login", "Login failed - invalid credentials");