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New platform example

Allo Sparky-build

As an example we will build scripts to help build an Allo Sparky image


git squashfs-tools kpartx multistrap qemu-user-static samba debootstrap parted dosfstools qemu binfmt-support qemu-utils

It is recommended, not a necessity, to use Debian Jessie 8 (as that's what we are building for).
If on Ubuntu, you may need to remove $forceyes from line 989 of /usr/sbin/multistrap

How to



This will

  • clone the sparky kernel repo to $HOME/sparky-linux
  • clone the official Volumio 2 build repo to $HOME/volumio-build
  • place the default platform-sparky files into the volumio-build folder

Build the platform files

  • go to $HOME/sparky-build to start the kernel build, type:

In case you don't need kernel config changes, just exit menuconfig. Otherwise do not forget to save the config (via menu or when prompted).

Build Sparky Image

  • goto $HOME/volumio-build and type:
sudo ./ -b arm -d sparky -v -<anything to identify>

You can do it separate, rootfs first and then the image:

sudo ./ -b arm  
sudo ./ -d sparky -v -<anything to identify>

Once you built the arm rootfs, there is no need to repeat this (unless volumio has changed).
For subsequent image builds, just do:

sudo ./ -d sparky -v -<anything to identify>